Discover Benalla


Benalla is an attractive and prosperous rural city just off the main Melbourne-Sydney Hume Freeway, located 212 km north-east of Melbourne. 

Known as the 'Rose City' it is noted for its gracious public gardens. It is surrounded by rich farm lands and operates as an important service centre. It is an exceptionally beautiful city which has a wide variety of attractions. There is a moving homage to Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop, the widely admired doctor who worked tirelessly for the men imprisoned and working on the Burma railway. There is a fine rural Botanical Gardens and the town’s close connection to Ned Kelly is celebrated in both art and history. It is one of the most impressive rural centres in Victoria.

Discover the great businesses, attractions and things Benalla has to offer. 

From retail therapy to a thrilling glider ride, Benalla has something for everyone to Discover.

With the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic affecting not only businesses but entire communities, now it is more important than ever for community members and visitors to play their part in preserving our small but beautiful slice of the world.